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Thread: ST player on MC position

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    U guys should calm down, what is to regret? Haha its a game, tomorrow will be another game n another, u won't regret nothing, try out what u wanna try out, plenty of games left, u might regret 3 points, that's all
    And everyone knows u get trolled anyway, so even with ur best formation u never guaranteed to win, so yes u don't regret a thing, if u don't try out n lose anyway o just draw then u would regret not have done anything different it's 3 points, no competition is decided on that hahaha
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    I usually will only play a guy one spot out of position but I have also put L's in for R's and they got 7's. So while I wouldn't do it always (barring the ML/DML/DL I have that prefers DC spot) if you feel the formation is called for, it can be worth it.
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