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Thread: Arrows in the formation

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    Arrows in the formation


    can somebody explain to me when it is advised to set arrows on the players ? thanks

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    Whenever you want! All we know so far I think is:

    - arrows tire the players out more
    - arrows kinda make them attack/defend more
    - too many arrows can result in bad perfomances and cards

    Forum veterans could add something esle!
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    Listen to meeee!! Put 10 arrows! arrows don't bite!! arrows are the way and salvation LOL

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    Players have attacking skills and defensive skills. Arrows try to get the players to use one more than the other: Red for attacking Blue for Defensive. They also make the player work harder (Physical & Mental skills) and consume more condition. They also look pretty on the pic.

    When using arrows you should think of them in combination with the team orders. Team orders set the mentailty for all the players - arrows allows you to tweak it at an individual player level.......imo, afaik, going by dev responses, as seen in the vapours.....
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