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Thread: Do Bad players Stay Bad??

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    Question Do Bad players Stay Bad??

    Here's a question. I have been wondering.....

    If a player has a spell of poor scores in matches.....will he forever get similar scores or do you have examples of players who then mysteriously start getting 8's and 9's??
    Does power training that kind of player help?
    I always keep morale and health numbers high so this is not part of the problem and never play out of position etc
    I have been tending to sell players when this happens but is that the only solution?

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    Uhh that's really hard to say. You never know how a player will develop or change.
    Sometimes a player plays really bad one season and in the next season he's one of the best players in your team.

    The only players that play most of the time very good are nordgens imo
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    Some times good players go bad too.

    Power Training is high 'cost' and not something to be done with a poorly performing player unless he has been good in the past, imo.

    If a player trains fast enough a bit of training to tweak the bal;ance of his stats might be worth a try - but only if he seems worth the effort.

    Normally, I'd start by looking at the position he plays and whether my orders are contributing to his bad form.

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    A good player may actually be a bad player hiding behind 6 stars, to protect scout buyers. Once he gets to 5 stars he shows up as poor.

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    i`v had a 5 star player do well one season the next season do poorly ?? but the next season play a blinder and these are young player`s and if same player did poorly one season and carried on say next 4/5 games into new season then i`d add any skill and sell on once i get replacement
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    If he is a 50T scout having a bad season then he will come good the next as for normal players and scouts I am testing this one out this season!, I have a 50T scout MR whos stats are nothing short of shocking!!! 4s and 5s with the odd 6!, but I am persisting with him and shall weight for better things next season!, I also have some two 5* defenders and one 5* striker all young 18 and 19 two of which started off slowly but after around ten games, plenty of training and match experience thier stats have really improved so its a case of being patient and if your not happy try him in a different position i.e if he is a striker and you play him on the right try him on the left or in the middle, if he is a MC try him In all three MC positions!, check which is the players favoured playing foot and play him on the side of his favoured foot!.
    You do get some players that just are plain bad, but to reduce the amount of duds you find, when buying players look out for the simple things like buy HOT PROSPECTS, or if your buying 18/19 year olds compare the prices of two identicle players!, if one player is alot more exspensive then try to buy the higher priced one as he is the better player and most likely turn out good for you!!!, the same applies to acadamy players, if you release the token player and keep the free less quality one then the chances are you are going to have a slow progression or struggle!, you get what you pay for!!!.
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    Generally they will stay bad...But the main question is were you correct in identifying them as bad ???

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    for my experience (leven 11, 9 times first in the league) a low performing player will be always a bad player.

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    It is normal for midfielders to have poor match stats but you need to look at things like how he 'performs' in the game (e.g missing chances, yellow cards etc) and tactics (do you use long ball and counter attack so the ball passes them by?).

    If your player continues to perform badly after adjusting tactics, positioning etc then best off rid!!