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Thread: Changing Game Time Questions

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    Changing Game Time Questions

    I have never used the game time change option before. I would like to please ask a couple questions and make sure I know what I am doing before I spend tokens or mess up my schedule. And also to complain about my schedule.

    I have an upcoming home game that starts at 5:52PM on Friday. If I attempt to change the game time, I get a range of times starting at 21:30 and ending at 18:34. Question 1: Does this mean that I can change the time from 5:52PM to 9:30PM on Friday or 6:34PM on Saturday or anytime in between?

    I also have an upcoming game that starts at 7:07PM on Monday. The game time change options start at 06:25 and end at 19:30. Question 2: So all these times are for Monday, right? I would really like to push this game to the next day because it is a CL semi and I already have Monday road games against the second and third place teams in my league. Question 3: Why do we have a lot more flexibility to change some games but not others? It would be nice if the answer was that they take my opponent's schedule into consideration, but looking at my schedule I doubt the schedule programming is this considerate. The second leg of the CL semi is on Tuesday. I can understand not wanting my opponent to be able to change the second leg until Wednesday because this could delay the whole tournament. Question 4: Does Nordeus not want both legs on the same day? Why else would they not let me change the day? (Question 4 was a two part question.) Question 5: Are schedule changes more limited for CL and Cup games due to tighter scheduling? Forcing both legs to be within a couple of hours of each other could be an advantage that some teams could exploit if they have a deeper roster. Question 6: Are they trying to avoid this? If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with this lengthy post with multiple long questions and even more if you post answers.

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    One simple answer for all your questions;

    - Any match must be played on the scheduled day. A day in T11 starts at 3:30 GMT and ends at 1:30 GMT.
    - If you are from Wisconsin you can change your home games to anytime from 22:30 to 20:30 of the following real life day.
    - However you can not set a game for a time less than 3 hours before or after another match (whether it's a match of yours or of your opponent).
    - Period to change a match time:
    --Antecipation: You can't bring forward a game any more if it's going to take place within the next 24 hours.
    --Postponing: You can't postpone a match if you are just 1h away from the start.

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    Also, please note you can only change your home games. Away games have to be played at the set time, unless your opponent changes it.

    Nordeus have also declared that they are trying to get schedules to suit the home team's time might find this means your games are at some strange times if you come up against some Asian teams (in my case) but the return leg should suit you.
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