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Thread: Season 4 result

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    I do farm tokens. Just I find it's not really worth it because I get 1-2 tokens a day from videos, so I just download stuff from tapjoy or whatever when a new app comes up for 8-12 tokens.
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    i like buy players with special abilities, but u find only old players and u average age is high. my average age is 28.7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Allan Taylor View Post
    Special Abilities take forever to train. Most players I train a Special Ability to don't stay in my starting eleven very long (if they make it there at all). You on the other hand have a Special Ability for every single player and your team's star levels are still very very high. I farm like mad, rest packs especially. I find it hard to believe you don't buy tokens.
    not must at my level 3 team i got 10 out of 17 players with special ability (2 were bought with special ability) the rest were trained i got fast trainers and some are still playing from season one trick is buy expansive & young think fast trainers level 3 are 5 mil level 4 8 mil o so i was told but am nothing like Eduardo Fenandes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eduardo Fenandes View Post
    no... i got 6 tokens in my account. have many free offers and movies to earn tokens
    Same same IMO

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