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Thread: What to do when a players form drops

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    What to do when a players form drops

    I have some great players on my team that are above the average quality but are performing poorly (4-5 rated games consistently). Players who used to perform well and rate well for me are now jus taking up space I can use for a player who is doing well.

    My question is, do players rebound form? I am only into my third season so I am willing to give them time to gain the rating they once had. But I have no idea if it ever comes back or not.

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    Slap them in da face j/k.
    Players form changes, some players perform great at 5stars and then drop down once they ge 6/7 stars
    imho you should continue trainng them and try to fix their skill points in a way they gain their form back.
    I had players that used to get ratings of 6-7 in 1st season, 8-9 in 2nd season so ya ;P Their skills are immportant, don't give it up.
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    This is a tricky one!, if he was a 50T scout I would say keep him as they tend to play good one season, be average the next then come good again but if he is a scout only in star then it is up to you!, I personaly get rid of the players when their for is consistently poor and go buy another HOT PROSPECT or 18Y but be carefull buying the acadamy younsters on the transfer market, compare the players to other players with the same skill value then only buy the highest priced one as they are more likely to be Norgens.
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    retain only played in a season
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