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Thread: no wonder you have no people playing you game details to follow

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    no wonder you have no people playing you game details to follow

    1 your terms of being able to register on this forum are just plain silly

    2 your agorithms are well to put it mildly worse then silly
    e.g 3 injuries in 1 game makes no sense in any sport at that point you may as well forfeit the game

    3 your auction system is even worse then the first 2 points

    4 user friendliness is extremely lack

    now for a little bit of good news of all the same type of games on facebook you have a sound principal but when your execution lacks understanding its like the blind leading the blind.

    so in short so that i do now breach your terms and conditions to register on this forum, I am not threatning that im quitting to play this game.

    This is a statement that im no longer playing this game.
    This is also the sense many of people have had as your game is at least 12 month old and yet you manage to get 5.3 mil likes and only a little over 150k active users that in it self should show you what is up the game is fun for the first 3 to 5 weeks then having games hours apart means you never have enough rest but your oponent in most cases is the computer and they are fully rested meaning that your losing any packs you may have.

    In closing you really need to make other ways to get morale up, have fun and bet your not around in another 12 months

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    5. All games have weak points.

    6. Nordeus don't have to fix all this and to make it "perfect".

    7. let's jump to 10.

    10. Top Eleven is the best and the most played football manager game by far.

    PS: Don't be so mad in this life because of a game, if you don't like something, simple just try to do something else. I wish you to have a nice night!
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    579 Good thing you can express your rage over a forum thread and not on people love you like your parents.

    We all hope you feel better now and ready to move on onto your next rage burst. This thing might be a cat with the wrong color crossing the street, or just another game that doesnt fit your special needs. No matter what it is we are glad you move on and wish you the best!

    ps: the name you have chosen to rage, precedes you. cheers!
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    I'm guessing you have a better idea for the auction feature?

    Please, do tell us

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    Don't like the game? Boo hoo, and go back to Farmville.
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