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Thread: Is it me or....

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    Is it me or....

    Does this game no make sense? My finances are being run into the ground

    Here is a few stats for you to take in

    League 26

    Starting XI - 4 stars

    4 subs - 1 star

    Outgoing per season

    359mill ( as of 10/10/14)

    Income per season

    195mill (as of 10/10/14)

    ticket sales 88.1mill

    sponsorship 29.3mill

    competition prizes 56.8mill

    merchandise 30.8mill

    total lose as of 10/10/14 164mill....

    The only way I stay a float is by converting free tokens every 20 days to make up the money....

    Starting to thing the game is pointless playing now
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    I'ts not just you hun thats why I started back to lower level again !!! I guess it's designed to make you spend money
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    play more friendies lol
    all day.
    all night.
    be the friend of everybody.

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    i`m level 21 season 28 and so far have made a profit of 789 million, i play the odd friendly and sell player`s that are 1 skill away from next star on neg list for more than they are worth
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    It is very, very hard to manage finances on that high level, that is not only your problem.
    This game forces players to buy a lot of money loans (= spend tokens = spend real money more and more) or to take over new club from lower level. If you are willing to stay on high level, then you need tokens and tokens and yet more tokens.
    Don't forget that this game brings money for owners, that is bussiness for them.
    Another option is to start again.

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    Seems like you are doing the right thing but you lose competitiveness but you must make sure ticket prices are on max without losing attendance and place as many friendlies as you can, sell your youths to earn and if you get vids select stack of cash instead of boosters which really helps
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    I've started a thread about this, read it. You are not the only one.

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    After Level around 28-30 you better have all constructions to maximum for bigger income also play some friendlies and have the number of players that you can afford.
    With all the above and also with thinking ahead regarding new players needs, i managed balancing for many seasons without converting tokens to cash.
    Promotion bonus(up to 7th place) having it in regular basis and youth academy players selling, helped also.
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