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Thread: Outbid by a Negative!

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    lets take it from the beggining,probably our friend who lost 24 tokens is a new in the game,expirience managers know when to stop,now lets say i have 100 mil in cash and 24 tokens.the player i want to ger costs 99 mil,so i bid a token,now before time is ended i see another player whos value is another 95 i think since i got tokens i bid for him too, thinking that after if i get both players i could put on sale some other players not needed since i get these new ones on if i go to challenge with another bidder i know that by bidding i ll increase the value of the player and i ll loose tokens.i say again system doesnt know u ll win every player u bid so thats why it lets u bid another player,it will stop u after it realizes u gone negative......for u all new managers u always should check before continue bidding like crazy value for tokens u bid and sure check who is u re opponenent that bids

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    Quote Originally Posted by el-trickser View Post
    i think you cannot bid on players when your money is negativ or you don't have enough money for the first bid
    you can only go negativ when you have enough money for the first bid

    this way you cannot really ruin things for many players
    You can bid for a dozen players at the same time before you win some of them and get to negative balance.Only then you can't bid for new players.But,you can still buy ones that you put bid for,no matter that you don't have enough money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redscouse View Post
    thanks for the explanation....

    But i am so pissed off I have uninstalled . it takes a long time to get 24 tokens and its so frustrating to be outbid like this....bye bye nordeus
    it's not a big deal for him

    if he outbid you by 24 tokens, and he already had negative balance at that time, then that means around 30-60 minutes earlier, his balance was still positive and it's probably more than 5-6 millions. let's say you both were the only bidders for that player, if you go so far until round 24, at least the value of the player must increased by 1.6446 times the normal value. let's round it up to two to compensate for other bidders. then that means your original target's value was only 4.5 millions. he must have had this number in his account that's why he can participate in the bidding.

    but looking at the fact that at knockout round he had negative balance, then that means until that time, he must have spent about 9 millions already by bidding other players. you see he is only level 4. 9 millions is a big amount for level 4 manager. only two possibilities here. either he got at least 3 players or 1-2 players but he went until rounds 40 or so. moreover, he was not hesitate at all to outbid you until round 24. this clearly proves that he had soo many tokens. by seeing his profile, you can only see his money but you cannot see his tokens. unfortunately, tokens are real money in this game. he can easily go back to positive balance not later than one minute after he got your target.

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    You just need enough money when you make the initial bid. Between the time you made the bid until the player is finally sold, you might spend some of your money to bring in some other players or start construction, but you can still see the bid through to the end.
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