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Thread: The Cup, this consolation prize...

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    The Cup, this consolation prize...

    Well today I saw (taked a look in deepest mode) the teams that are in my Cup this season, I'm one of the better level 16 teams of my server, thats why I am in a Level 19 Cup, and... looking the teams I found and idea that really make me think... and is that I'm with teams that have 6-7 and maybe some 8* players... so I saw that I'm playing against teams that yea, can win me, because a 5* player in level 18 is a 7* for me... but I realize that these teams are the level 17-18-19 level teams with less Quality... so probably they can not compete for the League or CL... because there are many teams that have 3-4* maybe some 5* player for his level...

    So at the end... one idea went to me and is that really this Cup I'm playing is a consolation prize for teams of low Quality that are +2 or +3 levels under me... well this is the sensation because the L19 teams are the worst teams in Q. terms of the level 19.. they are been eliminated for L18 teams so... till here my viewpoint of the cup of this season... and too the last 50%-80% of Cups I've played with teams of +3 +4 or inclusive +5 levels...

    Is complicated because you know that you can no compete sometimes and you have to leave if you wanna win something...

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    As I said in my post in the poll thread it's unrealistic teams with 10-20 League cups or CH.L. cups won 0 or 1 or 2 only CUPS. Even in England teams like M.U., LIVERPOOL, Arsenal have won titles. My proposal was two Cups (with different names) one like it is, according to the Quality of the team and another were only teams with the same lv match each other.
    Now lv5, I have noticed some teams doing the "under-leveling" trick -like this lv7 team.

    The Cup, this consolation prize...-cup-favourit.jpg

    Actually, I don't give a damn about the Cup itself. I just want the treble achievement once.
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