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Thread: Weird result

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    Weird result

    I forgot about a league match tonight. You know how it is, the trivialities of work getting in the way of the important things in life such as an online football management simulation.

    I logged in, just in time, but had to rush off to attend to the dinner I was cooking.

    To give a bit of background, I got turned over 3-1 in the cup and went out on the away goals rule, so I was a bit distracted and hadn't bothered sorting my team for the next match. The team was seriously low on condition and moral., Just what you want when you are going into a 1st place (me) Vs 3rd league match.

    I missed the opening minutes, but got back to the screen to try and make some changes, I was about to hit save when we scored, 1-0. Hold on... <CANCEL>. I took my off the game for few seconds, looked back, 3-0. Uh oh, somehow I am doing something right here.

    Half time came and we were 5-0 up. So I made some changes. I decided to rest a couple of players and bring on some little used players for a moral boost. And that's how it ended, 5-0.

    Now I'm not complaining, far from it, I just don't get it. The teams were very even, my formation was totally wrong and my players unprepared. At the end I had players in the red. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen??????

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    that prooves only one thing!!
    dont spend so much time in this game
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