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Thread: O.M.A ( A.S.R.S ) Analyzing Strange Results Section

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    O.M.A ( A.S.R.S ) Analyzing Strange Results Section

    looking that my last thread of curious results was closed I do a section inside the group to analyze things in common and try to found solutions, because some funny results have as a scenario the same situation like 9 vs 11, unexpected defeat after win 20 matches, we score 3 in a half and the other score 3 in 2nd half...

    so I think we can do a recopilation of similar situations and try to analyze for a posible mistakes we did or solutions to apply.

    here the last thread:

    Thats not for unsatisfactory results, is for strange and funny results. Is not the same. I draw 0-0 yesterday and I'm not an unsatisfactoried guy. LOL
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    Post the screenshots and prove your analytic abilities or get locked again by rowland : D
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    This topic is same: what about using him

    LAUR MMA: Hello guys, idea of this topic is to find why we lost or we made a draw and what we should do on the future to avoid this.

    I made this topic because I saw a lot of complains and some of them are because of us.

    To avoid the basic questions please let us know what was your players condition, moral, formations and teams quality.

    I hope together we can make our teams better and stronger!

    Please avoid the fights and stay on topic!
    Thread closed.
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