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Thread: Arrows

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    Hello guys.
    At first, please apologize my english, this is not my native language.
    My first question is about arrows. Can somebody explain me how it exactly work ?
    I know there is a lot of thread about it, but the most recent is more than one year, and sometimes the helpers don't agree among themselves
    I've tried for fun a 4-1-4-1 formation with blue arrow on all my players and very defensive and counter attack mentality against a much lower quality team. After 65 minutes, I was losing 3-2 while I was the best defense and the best attack of my league. Fortunately, I logged at that time, quickly cleared arrows and adjust mentality on defensive. I finally won 5-3...
    Then I've tried 4-1-4-1 with blue arrow on my four defenders and defensive and counter attack mentality against a lower quality team. I finally won only 3-2 (while I was the best defense and the best attack of my league).
    So, do we have information on good authority and what are they ? And if we dont, does somebody do some tests, and what are the results ?

    My second question is about an advice.
    For a counter-attack formation, which special abilities would you promote on your midfielder ? Playmaker or dribbler ?
    I think my thougts on dribbler seems logic,al but I wonder if playmaker can do the right pass at the right time when I counter-attack.

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    red arrows push your players forward and blue arrows keep them back
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    2 blue arrows to the DC's and 8 red arrows. My idea was always thet with 2 defenders is enough and the game what have to have is people to select in attack. Till here the reason of ma 8 red arrows.

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    Arrows change the individual 'mentality' of a player. Any player has Defensive, Attacking and Physical & Mentality attributes. Any player is at any 1 time using Physical & Mental attributes and either Defensive or Attacking.

    A red arrow increases the Physical & Mental 'use' and focusses more on attacking. So in attacking opportunities he'll work harder (condition use) and be expected to choose more attacking options.

    A blue arrow does the same but in a Defensive sense.

    I think of mentality as a Team arrow and 'arrows' as a tweak to that at individual player level. I don't subscribe to the move forward(/backward) a position theory other than as a desire/intent to 'get forward/backward'.

    For counterattacking, as far as attacking goes, I think of it as fast-breaks so I use red arrows on players that I want breaking - usually determined by my Passing Focus. So in 4-4-2 down both flanks I want my wide main going 'off like the hare' at every c-a/breaking opportunity.

    Here's the last thing the devs said about arrows.

    But ofc if he's performing poorly he'll fall on his arse and dribble only from the mouth

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    I agree with Buffs explanation of arrows. Also blue arrows on your players for counter attacking would not work out too well. as for your other question SAs are pretty hard to explain because no one truly knows how they works except the devs and they wont say. I have had good dribbler MCs so i would lean that way, but you could get a good player with the playmaking SA. Its hard to say one is better then the other
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    Okay, thank you to all for your answers.
    So, a player with red arrow will work harder when attacking. But does it means that he will work less hard when defending ? It seems logical to me, but I would like a confirmation. Or maybe you already said it and I didn't understand, not sure.
    For the SA... so I will test the two ways