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Thread: Season 60

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    Had to overcome a crucial moment today after lost first leg in Cl unexpected clear with 0:2 but came back into the game with a 4:1 in second leg.Cup on the way to semis,and league I concider already done, later vs the 10th,should be 8 clear again.
    Another treble?

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    half seasson, i gonna try won 26-0-0 for first time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    1/2 way:

    Attachment 33637

    Still in Cup but have to come back from this:
    Attachment 33638
    Hahahah.. yeah.
    he is 19 and you 20, and he beaten you with 4-0? ...
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    League: Buffs FC once more take 2 steps forward and 1 back with a 2-0 home win followed by a 2-2 away draw.

    The Buffs lie 5th placed 9 points off the pace.

    Tomorrow sees the league leader, KayCee, visit Abbey Park to take on the Buffs' Sunshine Band

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    Unsurprisingly, I am out of Cup. My best players tried valiantly but could not overcome such a rotten first leg:

    Season 60-qf-2.jpg

    And my next CL opponent is the guy ahead of me in League, Oh so help me yet another nightmare of a Team, as is CR7, scout filled 4 4 2:

    Season 60-ff.jpg

    Season 60-tabel15.jpg

    thanks Buffs now I have disco songs stuck in my head... shake shake shake
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    doing pretty much nothing this season. same formation and everything since beginning, yet we are doing even better than the last 15-20ss that we actively played lol also in Cup QF which we havent been in since season 3 or 4 ?

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    There is inactive guy in my league placed first lol his team sucks and he didn`t lose a single match, well isn`t that nice?
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    Cup QF: 3-1 win at home, 0-1 win away. The remaining 4 teams have pretty much an equal chance of winning the cup, so hopefully It will be me.

    League: Won against 5th with 4-0 and 1st lost against 4th. Now in first place with 2 points more than 2nd.
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    Thru in the cup 4-0 and 1-2 (6-1)agg
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    League: 2 Steps forward time as Buffs beat the leader 2-1 and then follow it up with a 2-1 win v 10th. Unfortunately there was an injury in each match with DL/DC Steve Nicol out for 6 days after picking up a wallet strain in the bar; and DC/DMC Alan Hansen out for 19 days after taking an arrow to the knee.

    But these are just baby steps as the Buffs still lie 6pts behind in 5th.

    Cup: Buffs FC hang on after going down 2-0 in the first half to snatch a late goal and progress 4-2 on aggregate.

    Up Next

    Champions League: Buffs FC will hope to reign in Spain later when they take on Puertorrako FC in the Quarters.


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