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Thread: Youth systems

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    I am also a fan of the Youths, they usually perform well and you save $$ in buying since they cost no $ and their wages are usually lower than a similar guy on the TL.
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    I'm a fan too. I have been getting them when I have the tokens. Right now Go Leo has 4 academy players and jst sold one cause I didn't get him up to par quickly enough and he reached 23 yo and he was not performing anyway (4-5-5-5-3). Most are 15-21 tokens. For some reason the 24 token youths are not as good as the lesser ones.

    Given the right position and SA, the academy player will be your top, top player and I've had a few crazy assist providers and goalscorers. Looking forward for the next one in a few days.
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    I'd rather do as Kynan, but I couldn't help myself this season when the right player came along.

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    I am at lvl 4. I spent the resources in facilities for the sole purpose of what will happen in the next couple weeks. I will have a top level youth academy!!!! I am 11 days from completing my lvl 7 stadium and all other facilities are there so on comes the YA.

    I also have a couple of players coming to me from my current youth facility in the next few days. I love the idea of the academy almost as much as the product. I am all about immersion in games so home grown players make me very happy.

    I currently only have one of the 4 previous products on the team. He is firmly in place as my starting RW and is very productive, especially considering that he plays out wide and doesn't handle set pieces (which obviously inflate stats).

    Is there really a sizable difference between players coming from the top level facility compared to the next one down? I got my RW from the 3rd from the best facility and he came in as a 4* (for lvl 2) and I quickly trained him up to 6*. He gets up to 7* by the end of every season and had 23 goals and 7 assists in 33 appearances last season with a very good avg rating.

    I seem to get academy players from positions of actual need. Maybe it is pure luck but so far so good. I hope I can get a FB or GK this time around as they are trouble spots.

    I had thought I was set at RB as the 18 yr old Nordgen I bought last season did great but now his form is in the crapper (pulling a lot of 6's) and I don't know what to do. I don't even have a backup option at the position. Does benching them work? If so for how long should I try it?

    Usually if someone plays that poorly for any real stretch I move on from them but he had such great form last season. Last night I trained him back up to 7* hoping it would get him out of the funk but another 6 this morning........Even in a 14-0 massacre of a league win (though my whole defense and GK had 6-7's)

    That brings another question. How on earth can you kill a team that badly, your defense faces 15 shots, 8 on target, keeps a clean sheet, and they have crap ratings? Makes no sense. A clean sheet should be at least an automatic 7 for a keeper. The only thing that stood out was that they committed a lot of fouls, like 2 fouls per tackle which is insanely high for my team.

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