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Thread: Left and Right footed

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    Left and Right footed

    How do you position and evaluate the effects of being right and left footed?

    I have been working under the premise that righties and lefties operate differently according to position:

    Strikers their preferred foot should be on the inside of the field, because that puts their preferred foot closer to the center of the goal.

    Wingers are better when their preferred foot is on the side of their respective sidelines. (ML should be L footed, MR should be R footed)

    MCs I position like the wingers with their preferred foot closer to the sideline, if possible.

    For free kicks, I assume that righties do better taking free kicks from the left side of the field, the reverse also holding true. Same reason as the strikers above.

    No observations about corner kicking.

    I'm interested in leArning about how you approach this.

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    I like either footed.

    Some people think it makes no difference but no one is entirely sure.
    I put the player towards their footed side unless they get bad ratings then I try them on other side.
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    dont put too much thought into it. jst do the trial an error way. If a striker with a right foot is better on the left then put him there. Else if it doesnt work out, put him on the right. Sometimes a striker/MC cant play with a partner. But all tht is from trial and error.
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    yeah i think it has more to do with trial and error and certain players preferring certain sides of the pitch, regardless of their foot

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    In real life, left footed players tend to shoot corner and free kicks in the right side of the field and vice versa.

    Here everything has been tried and no one has found any difference.

    Same wins, same losses.

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    Yeah, agreed
    ML,AML with good right foot
    Free kick specialist with both feet, shots and the comment saying that this side is not his preferential
    MC wiht left foot performe better in the right side of the center (I use two MC)
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