Anyone have any ideas? I'm now level 7 and have finished as runner up in the CL every time. I know second isn't bad but still first of the losers!!

I have a reasonable team and was unsure if anyone else always came this close?
Starting to feel like my mrs (never coming first!!) ;-)
Any hints or help appreciated.

PS, my strongest team isn't out as i have a cup game before my league game today (all of 30 mins before, thanks nordeus).
finally, I know we get screwed for the tokens but I have only ever been awarded the ones for watching videos, a couple of times I've tried to get 4 or 5 tokens by registering for this n that but always simply says "viewed" in the support section, never completed! Data is accurate and e-mail is live.....are they just pulling my plonker or what?
Cheers all and good luck.
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