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Thread: new-new market: a fake driven by bots

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    new-new market: a fake driven by bots

    I think many of us are experiencing a huge difficult to sell players, while the players on the transfert list are sold most of the time with a bid war.... and this should be not compatible.
    The point is easy: the market is a huge fake and now I've some proofs.
    First... look in your friend list... if some of them are selling a player you can have for 1 token (because in reality the player will never posted on the transfer list)
    Second intersting point, I'm trying to sell 3 players for a very long time... I think since the half of the past season. After I send a email to nordeus support... 2 of 3 are gone. Now the funny part: both teams do not exists (clicking on their name I get an error) but look what is written in the team name if I open the players:

    new-new market: a fake driven by bots-diapositiva1.jpgnew-new market: a fake driven by bots-diapositiva2.jpg

    it is evident that this is all a monkey business

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    I`v sold 5 player`s 3 from main squad and a couple bidding rounds each and two free player one 24 the other 25 and the 24 yr went for a couple round while the 25 yr old went in round 35, as i said in earlier post`s their will be Glitches with certain things because they Nordeus have mix server`s up for which i`m please as i know means i play at my own level and not against higher level teams where i have no chance.

    Nordeus have said there will be glitches with this mix up of server`s and they will fix them asap, so hopefully they sort out transfer market FIRST and it don`t take them 9 months too listen like last time or there WILL BE ANOTHER BATTLE on Here Facebook and Twitter
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    He's right. I've been trying to sell 2 quality players (7-8 regular ratings and one has ability) for 2 seasons now and in spite of this new activity, no one buys them as well.