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Thread: 18 year old free agents, where do they go?

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    They disappear.

    Here is how you can tell. Go to your mail and click on the message you received announcing his arrival. If the player is on your team (but unsigned), he will pop up with the option for you to buy him. Now release the player instead. Click on the mail. You will receive a message stating that the player doesn't exist. Click on it every hour, same message. He does not go to the auction list as a free agent.
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    Thanks tarcanes92, that confirms it. But why? Are T11 missing something here in that the auction for these players would use a huge amount of tokens, or is it that it would make selling experienced players impossible and therefore destroy the transfer market. This I suspect would put many players off because they cannot sell players to raise money. I suspect the latter and T11 are protecting the status quo.

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    I believe that at least 80-90 % of the managers keep the worst academy players to sell them and release the good, expensive (tokens) ones.
    - the free youth disappear, nordeus doesn't get any T, the manager doesn't win anything
    loose - lose situation
    - if the good youngsters went in the market, nordeus would won many tokens as you mention but the managers couldn't sell their players
    so win-loose situation
    - if the good academy players had lower cost, say 8-9-10 T instead of 18-21-24, the managers would keep them so
    win-win situation

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