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Thread: Why am losing (against 4-3-3)?

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    Angry Why am i losing (against 4-3-3)?


    i've read about troll games, but this season it's like the 4th lost game of this kind. I must be missing something.

    So this happened last game (in the other lost games it was pretty similar, i watch every game): I had an away game against 4-3-3, my team was ~4 points better. I played 4-1-4-1 red arrow DL/DR/ML/MR, normal mentality, long passing down both flanks, pressing own half and counter attack. Every player was above 95% health and moral, i watched the game, my opponent did not,
    i lost 1-0 with devastating stats, he had 11 goals kicks vs my 6. He had chances like all the time, my best try was a freekick. All my players got relatively good rating after the game, even better than his team.
    So in my opinion i did every i could, but still i lost ... again!

    This team was 11th in the league, i am currently 2nd. I lost all the important games against really bad teams, but on the other hand won against top ranked teams.

    So what am i doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance
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    It's maybe 4424

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    So what am i doing wrong?
    the thing you're doing wrong is
    1. You, like many other new members, posting in general discussion section when about formations or suggestions or what else.
    2.Post in formation section but with pictures and details
    Use "draw" program and print screen to give details of formations (you and your opponent).
    I 'm sure that you 'll have some good answers
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