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Thread: Young good players

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    Young good players

    I´m new in the game i´m lvl 5 now and i had a game with a lvl 7 club and i went to see his team he had a young world class player(54) with 18 years old...where can i buy such players so young and very good??every time i get a lvl up all my players go down a star ...why??
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    each level has different rating, what is your top end 5 star player rating as the following season if promoted you need to add 5 on that so basically your young player needs 75 skill point`s to stay as 5 star player
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    This player you're saying is 5* for this mgr lv7. As you can find some 18 y.o., 5* players in your level, the same he does in his level too.
    The thing with the Cup is that if you have a good team, you're playing in a Cup with teams 2-3 lvs above so it's often to see 7*-9* players in their teams.
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    When you get promoted to a higher level, you DO NOT lose a player's quality. You only lose the INDICATOR of quality relative to that level. Using a simple example, a top player playing at a lower division, when promoted to a higher division, his quality is lower compared to other players at the level.

    At Level 5, you see the Level 7 player as 7*, but in actual fact, at Level 7 he is a 5* player. Similarly a Level 3 manager would see your 5* player as 7*.

    Having said that, to obtain a 7* player you either

    1. Buy a player off the scout list (6*, 50T + cash) who is jst one star from being World Class or
    2. Buy a fast trainer, train him hourly and daily until he gets to a 7*
    3. Sign a 4* academy player (18T-24T), train him hourly and daily until he gets to a 7*
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