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Thread: supersonic ads credits not on account

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    supersonic ads credits not on account

    Hi does anyone have problems getting tokens on supersonic ads, i have completed 3 offers over 24 hours ago and am waiting on 1500 tokens , all i can see is submit a ticket and wait for a reply is there any other way of getting these tokens credited quicker?

    Thanks John

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    Thats the way.. you have to contact supersonic multiple times cause sometimes they don't give the tokens right away...
    And yea, when i say multiple i mean multiple.. it's stupid of them not rewarding what they should automaticlly..
    You'll get your tokens yea, they'll make it as hard as they can for you to give up on this -

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    I completed a paid offer on Supersonic ads for 68 token paying actual cash and they say they can't verify that I completed the offer even after I had sent across the screenshots and welcome email from the advertiser "ReShip". When I asked why I was not being credited they just keep sending a canned response without giving me any information. When I ask why they are jerking off their users they write back telling me that I should not use abusive language, but for a genuine query they won't bother to answer at all.

    Bottom line, free offers on Supersonic, go for it. Paid offers, don't trust them or their crappy customer service. They are worse than robots and don't care about users. Use Tapjoy or Sponsorpay or Token ads. They all are infinitely better.