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Thread: Neutralize a player with Special Ability using another player with SA

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    Neutralize a player with Special Ability using another player with SA

    Usually we talk here of what I call surface factors to win a match (formation, orders, Quality...) but there is a work that one manager have to do, and is more deep, because have to use the intuition... and see how a player works, without see the Quality, proving different positions, proving this player in corners and fouls in friendlies when season start... and too doing daily work as a manager.

    If you know me as a manager you know that I usually don't change of formation, 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2 are my usual formations.
    I use the orders, arrows, my training and Q. advantadge, and yea, I prove when season start who is the man for corners and fouls, I always found one better, and too I play with the substitutions, if you follow me you know how effective are my subs'...

    But I was wondering, and talking of this deep mode to manage, if there are managers that change the players of position every match, and try to put a DC with special ability (if there's onlyone) facing the ST of the opponent that too have a Special Ability.

    I think that will be good if we can save in a post some examples of these types of matches that have just some player with SA in both teams, or one have, and the other don't, and try to analyze the SA factor.

    I know too that everybody is thinking in Santa Claus nbut... Any example? LOL

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    I don't have some interest match to show yet but I 'll post about my tactic in defense.
    This is my defense for this season (waiting for a good DR/DC )
    Neutralize a player with Special Ability using another player with SA-defense-lv7.jpg

    - I don't buy defenders having already a sa like penalty/free kick/corner specialist.
    - The first thing I do is to give "header" or "defensive wall"
    - I prefer to have DL-DR with def.wall to face AMR/AML with shadow striker
    - Prefer to have DC with header to prevent from corners
    - If I have an oppo AMC with shadow striker, prefer to use DMC with def.wall
    - If no AMC or without sa then DMC header
    - My GK was a nordgen who already had "penalty specialist" ( ) or else I would choose one-to-one to face oppo STs.
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