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Thread: Ridiculous Cup Draw

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    Ridiculous Cup Draw

    My 23rd season and i have never came close to winning the cup, and this year will be no different. My team quality is 134.8 and i am up against a team from level 26, thats 3 above me, with a quality of 150.9!
    I seem to have a really tough league too. Normally i am top 3, this year i am bottom after 5 games. I am the weakest team in my league on paper. I have friends on the same level and i've had a look at teams in their leagues and they're much easier. Does Nordeus pair up similarly level teams? If so, whats the advantage in improving your team. Maybe i shouldnt bother and get an easy ride...

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    Yeah they need to review the cup. I've only ever had one Final (season 2) and one SF (season 9) but loads of early round failures. I don't see things improving either the higher level up I progress. I always end up playing teams 2 or 3 levels higher too. You're right in that there seems little incentive to improve your team but obviously to compete in the league you have to if you want to level up. Maybe in your case this would be a good season to tank.

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    Funnily enough, i had a look at when the others in my league were founded and all of them are 2/3 months before me, some even more. So they have obviously been tanking a few times through the 23 seasons and are now much stronger than me. I have done it once and i'm sure is happening this year too. I've dropped all bonuses, just gona stock up some cash and have a go next season.