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Thread: Selling problem

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    Selling problem

    Hello everyone! I have a question.
    My current situation in the club is not so special. Am not fighting for any kind of silverware, but next season I want to prepare for a league triumph. I finally got my tactics right for a pretty decent team. Also, I have collected so many tokens lately that I could soon start buying official jerseys and logos. It looks like I could win any auction, if only I had MONEY! The problem is, nobody wants to buy my players I put on auctions. Currently I have two players, an AMR and a GK. The only bad thing about them is that they are over 30 years old. They both have a special ability: corner kick taker and 1-on-1 stopper. Also when you look at their stats in my club, they are very good. I even changed their names to Blaszczykowski and Neuer to attract some interest, worked before. But not this time. I had to put them on auction 10 times. Is their age so repulsive to everyone else or have I just become invisible?

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    it will be the age plus at this late stage of season not many will buy till start of new season, so my advice is see what contract they are on, if 1 yr then they will be free to sack or retire, if 2 at the moment try selling on 1st day of new season or last day of this season as those that are staying down might try and sign for new season
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    None of them is retiring, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sell them. AMR is on a 2 year contract, while GK has this season remaining.

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    They are too old, i don't even bid on free players that are over 28. you need to find someone that just had an important injury on his team and need to replace that guy, that is your only hope.
    And your names? Blaszczykowski and Neuer i never heard them before, if you want to attract players use names someone maybe heard of before.

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    Sometimes u get lucky lucky with selling old ones, depends anyone is in need of them, keep trying or give up depends if u have the patience
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    Blaszczykowski and Neuer
    for the first one I agree but Neuer is the GK of Bayern and Germany and he is the best GK this period. One problem (I can say that for greeks - my language) is that the way we called the name it's very different from the way is written.
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    Players over 30 years old are very difficult to be sold but it is still possible. There are always many injuries near the end of the season. So some managers who have urgent needs for replacement may take them. But you should be hard to try to sell them repeatedly. I suggest you starting to sell them assp and not to wait for start of season because you do not know when the manager who need your players will appear. Maybe you lower the asking price to minimum as a incentive for the buyers.

    I don't believe there is good method to sell old players. So you should avoid to keep them.

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    best selling at qualities +4, +9...