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Thread: Dramatic league comeback for the title

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    Dramatic league comeback for the title

    I started this season terribly , only manage a cup win in the first 10 games and was 11 points behind the league leaders and took the last spot in cl.I thought i will not be promoted. I lose my cup at qualifying stage. This season I spend 184 mil on lvl 9 for reinforcements, on the first day for 109 mil and 75 mil for the second week. The first 5 reinforcement was terrible, score 4/5 ratings every game and i tried to bench them, changing formation and do whatever i can do but the results was bad. The 5 later on changed my season ( 4 of them cement themself a starting spot while 1 sitting on the bench due to bad performance. I changed the formation to 4-4-2 due to injuries to my 2 amc, play like how manchester city in real world and it changed, 11 rounds unbeaten and i have a 7 round winning streak currently. 12 win 3 draw and 1 lose in 16 rounds see me lead the title race for 5 points in a league of all 5 star team. This season also create a lot of record, knocked out in cl in group stage for the first time, most bad defence of all time, least goal scored in a season (i got 130+ goals every season but i only manage 57 with 5 games left) and about 6 more record yet i am still leading the title race!

    and my league look like this

    my team

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    Good comeback Hope it keeps going.

    Was in a similar situation. My team lost first 2 league games and after 7 games I had 2 wins in the league. Currently we sit top by 5pts but with 8pts separating 2nd to 10th before today's round of matches there are no guarantees. O.o

    I did the same as you after a bad season last time coming 4th in the league, my worst finish - and losing CL final and Cup SF. Cleared out 3/4 of my team, bought, tested, and kept the decent ones and sold duds and bought again. Couple of players dipping in form atm but hopefully I can cover that.

    I had 1 season where I couldn't win a single home game from the 7 in first half of season and won the title on the last day.

    Keep it going. *fingers crossed*

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    Always nice to stage a comeback. Good luck.

    I'm doing a mini comeback myself but unfortunately the guy leading the table is is packed with quality 6*players and is currently unbeaten. But I sit second now from my lowly position of 6-7 earlier, after going on a unbeaten run since the second half of the season, in the CL semis. With no hope of chasing the leader, I think this is as good as it gets for me.
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