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Thread: Is the new version of the game gonna fix the bug with the injuries ?

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    Angry Is the new version of the game gonna fix the bug with the injuries ?

    I ‘m using the word bug because that’s happening very often in a match against an abandon team.

    This happened to me today when I faced this team. I was sure about this because I know that bug, that’s why I used the worst players of my team plus the players I needed less because I had another game today, my second semi final in Champions League.

    Is the new version of the game gonna fix the bug with the injuries ?-bug-inj-teams.jpg

    Is the new version of the game gonna fix the bug with the injuries ?-bug-injury-1.jpg

    Well, as I suspected, there was a massacre. I didn’t make any sub because I would have more injuries. Unfortunately none of my crap players didn’t hurt.
    After the game, if I had to heal my players for my CH.L. finals or the last days of the league, I had to spend about 40 red packs.
    I bought these days the Christmas pack (with the discount) but I did it to improve my team, not to fix this bug of the game.

    I have accepted many things in that game,
    - Some troll results in every season, because that’s a part of real football.
    - Weird/ random rates of players or specific positions , because it doesn’t affect my team except that I must spend some blue packs to raise the morale.
    - No explanation about how to manage or to couch my team (arrows, special abilities, win bonus, illegal or not formations, relation between ball possession/shots and the score of the game).
    - Characteristics of the players – height/weight/use of foot or abilities/skills of the players and in which way signing skill points affects the performance of the player.
    Ok, I used to live with that “mystery”.

    - Injuries of the players – I couldn’t find any logic why my players get injured in many cases even if I ‘m trying to do the right thing. (see

    I accepted it with the logic that the game just put some extra obstacles so the manager must prove his “managing sources” capabilities in the game or to find extra sources out of the game (advertises or buying). That’s fair too.

    But this thing it’s just a bug and has nothing to do with real football. A team with low morale, bad condition, players out of position, must have itself the injuries or any penalty – not the opponent.
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    I don’t want to be only critical that’s why I want to make some suggestions :
    First of all – fix that bug in the program. If it’s not possible the make some rules.
    If someone doesn’t log any more in the game (over X days), his team must go in the fridge (not delete) and his games should be 0-3 (without playing).
    Same thing if many players of the started eleven have bad moral or condition or playing oop.
    I hope that you consider about this in the new version of the game.
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    Wow, incredible how only top players are specifically targeted by injuries.

    I doubt it's a bug though. Quite selective for a bug.

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    It happens more often when playing weak teams than when playing teams of equal or higher quality... Better players much more often get injured by weak ones than vice versa... Thats 'cause challenges (marking, positioning, tackling etc.) of weak players don't parry better player's attacking abilities (dribbling, speed, agility etc.), so it eventually ends with bad tackling timing, cards and possible injuries...
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    I'm tired to see abandoned,illegal and trolled teams in our leagues.

    To avoid this, I've made a lot of friendship,so I had played only built on friends leagues for 4 or 5 seasons (very strong friends,indeed).

    This season (22 for me), friendships were completed bypassed by the system,none of my 27 (27 !!) friends of my same level (20) was in my league ,and each one was in a different league.

    I hope it doesn't happen any more,otherwise what's the meaning for having a lot of friends? Only gifts and friendly matches,as for facebook friends,or only a few Cup or Champions league matches to play?

    They can't promote friendship,and then completely ignore that mechanism..
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