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Thread: A Fast Trainer ??

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    wow Soham and NIk in the same thread lol and Cat and Me this could be OMA we just need Khris now Hi NiK and Soham enjoy your new player and my advice is change his name to MO he will be king lol

    Ps my avatar picture is Rowland !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Do you guys know how long fast trainers remain being fast trainers?

    Let's say I buy an 18 year old fast trainer in season one. Each season I am in the top 7, so I keep progressing upward each season.

    How many seasons can I maintain this guy to remain a fast trainer? Only 1, 3 or 6 seasons? Or throughout his livetime?

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    Here is a fast trainer I have. When I got him, 18yo, he started with +120 - +140 (all the numbers are in 3 bars, practice).
    He reached almost full 7* the first year. Next year "lost" a star and starting over.
    Now he is 26, he is almost 6* as all those years I had him. Next season it will be difficult to reach the 6* but he can be useful still in his 5*.
    Those are some gaining at 25 y.o. and at 26 y.o.

    A Fast Trainer ??-hulk-26-yo.jpg

    A Fast Trainer ??-hulk-25-26-yo.jpg

    I 've seen players near 30 y.o. with 6-7* but it needs a lot of greens to keep them that way.
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