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Thread: training in new Topeleven

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    training in new Topeleven

    I noticed its not possible anymore to add skills to a certain player after he played a game or trained. It is automatically assigned now? Thats fine, but can we still decide on what skills they improve?

    I was training my keeper for a special skill so he woud be a good one-on-one stopper, but now its on 42/50 and i cant add anything anymore. It took me about 20 days to get it there. Please help me out.
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    Hurry and log into Top 11 in your desktop PC browser to finish the Special Ability, before they upgrade it too.

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    Yeah go get it quickly on fb or t11 site. You never know they might pull their finger out and update it within 6 months.

    Its just a pity you can't go mobile to spam train and then web-based to apply.

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    what i do is save 50 skill point`s then add to either new position or ability but if want too change my mind and improve player`s rating, surely as manager i should have the right to manage how i want to improve my own player NOT Nordeus, also with higher level my prize money is no where near to pay player`s wages, lost 6 million in bank and that`s after i played 1 friendly, also i leave player 1 skill away from next star for lower level team to bid this way i get the that valuable token plus the extra money to cover wages, now they have screwed this up with Auto assign of skill point`s
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    Yes u can focus their training on Att/Phy/Def