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Thread: what kind of statistics you take to manage your club?

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    what kind of statistics you take to manage your club?

    Hello everybody,
    i am affraid i am a spreadsheet lover, so i take some data in order to get some information and take better decisions.

    I specifically take information about my players master data (age, quality at the begining of the season and their improvements, market value, price paid, wage,...) After a few days i know how fast or slow training they are, how strong i am, and how strong i will be at the end of the season.
    I also take some finantial information in order to know when i will have enought money to buy this player i need.
    These season i started to take some information about players´ ratings in each match, because i had some trouble with high quality players with very bad rates last season.

    I read very interesting posts that get some valuable information to analyze wages, market value... (f.i.: A Guide for fast trainers by Chris). So i would like to ask you about these questions:

    Does anybody make similar?
    Do you think that i am missing any important information?
    What kind of data do you analyze?

    Thank you
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    I use a lot of data myself.

    You are very correct to use the match ratings. There are dud signings and surprise signings just like in real life. You need to be careful not to be too hasty as it can take a player a while to get to good form with you but if it Drags on you have to cut your losses. Don't be afraid to play a lower rated player who produces for you either. My leader in goals produced is the lowest rated starter on my team. I just can't take him out when he is producing more than a goal a game and getting MoM every 3-4 games.

    I have a CDM that was a high 6* and played poorly for the first 10 or so matches but right when I was about to give up he had 2 straight 8 ratings and scored twice. He hasn't had a rating under 7 since.

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    An interesting older thread about this:

    When I first started playing I kept a notebook that included training results, mostly so I could see who was worth training and how, along with age of player to see how they slow down. I no longer bother, as I've been playing so long I can guesstimate training results pretty accurately for my Team now, and I can easily tell how far they are from their next star.

    Ratings.. some people think are worthless (and I ignore my GK's now) but I do think tracking that is important indicator of how a player is performing, and what competitions they do better in (some players like CL more than League, etc.) But I also think you can try adding training points differently to improve their rates, although there is still the odd "dud" player than just doesn't work in one's team.
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    I 'm still keeping records from training and if I am in pc I keep this after every game of the season

    what kind of statistics you take to manage your club?-2-10-after-l-g.jpg

    I was trying to keep records of my injuries thinking that maybe it could help me, but realized that there was no logic about it. So, I just follow some basics and I 'm prepared (saving red packs) for days 18-22, before semifinal games. Usually there I have an injuries flu.

    One season I was keeping records for my GK, to understand how it's working (you know , playing with lower q team, no goals, low rate, how many saves, good/bad comments) but i couldn't find a continually logic so I dropped it.
    So, I 'm following my logic about the rates

    "I 'm pleased with 6-7 for my GK, for that team. If my GK has continuously 5s, then I 'll start to worry. (or accepting many goals of course).
    7 it's ok for my defenders. If any of my defenders has continuously 7s and maybe some 6 I 'll start to worry. So avg 7,__ it’s good.
    7 for my DMC it's superb. In generals if a DMC has 6-7 it's super. Avg 6,__ it’s very good.
    7 for my MCs it's also very good. My MCs usually have 6-7, sometimes 5 or 8. Avg 6,__ it’s good.
    8 for AM & ST it's good. If someone has continuously 7 it's not good. Avg 8,__ it’s good. "

    * so far, the only steady pattern I have found (from numbers) is about fast trainers
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