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Thread: Abandoned team

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    Abandoned team

    I am sure this has been brought up before but this is my go. My match today is against an obvious abandoned team. The team has four players lined up on field, goalie portion is a striker, four subs and seven reserves. Now, I don't mind an easy win, could use one after five injuries in four games but how does this happen? Is there no system to weed out dead teams? Does this team just stay going forever? The team has a 17.1 rating in a league where top four ratings are 24.5 and higher, but there are teams with lower ratings that have a win because they field a full team. I would think at worse case scenario that the system would at least recognize team is abandoned or not managed and field a full team. At least fil the positions.

    Just my thought any way.


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    t11 close team if nobody take over that team for 2 seassons in a row

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    Yes relinquished teams (from when people take over a lower level team) go onto the list of teams seeking managers directly, and teams that have been abandoned (not logged in to) wind up also on that list after a couple seasons.

    If it was a nice team when managed it can still be annoying to face unmanaged with players out of position (oop) Expect a victory but plan like it's a real team. The game will place whatever bench players are available (and if assigned in subs the correct spot) in the empty places. Often the second half of an abandoned team's last season you wind up getting a forfeit score (3-0)if they haven't got enough bodies to fill the pitch.
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    An abandoned team cost me the title last season. They failed to get a full team against me due to a suspension (so I got a 3-0 win each time) the game before mine each time yet my title winning rival played them twice and won 11-0 and 10-0 against them. Goal difference was the key.

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    Looking at the league, there are two others teams, one with 6 and one with 7. One team who has a rating of 20.4 has played two of them and won with a total of 13-0. I played one today and got a 6-0 win.....