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Thread: Does ball possession even matter?

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    Sooo.... thats not deppend on star or anything. That just a sh*t

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amane Ito View Post
    Higher level people are just stronger and at some point you'll find that they manage the team better, it is not only about player quality.
    Keeping your players in good shape, punishing bad performing players to boost your team morale is more important than raw quality.

    If you consistantly getting bad form, you are not doing a good job motivating your players.

    Underperformers need to be benched or fired no matter how expansive that player is.
    You do realize that this is a numbers game and not real life, right?

    You cant motivate these players. You plug in a blue pack or play them in a game and their morale almost always goes down after.
    Just for one moment, pretend this game is not real. This game was created to make money, hence the token aspect. If you could motivate players and not lose morale or condition then you take away one aspect of their(Nordeus) income. They dont want to do that. Everything in this game ties into being coerced into buying tokens.

    How about: the House always wins. Over time, this game will constantly bombard you with reasons to buy tokens. Your condition and morale will always go down and injuries happen so often it is just idiotic.

    But I am glad to have you around, because I learn so much from you. In my 2.5 years playing, you have given me almost as much, if not more, info on the insides of the game than any dev. Seriously though, I cant take anything you say seriously the more I read your posts.

    Try not to come across as someone who knows more about this game than anyone else because that is simply not true.
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    You totally missed the point.

    A player on his slump will lose morale.

    A player who is in good shape will not lose morale. A player who is on fire will gain morale instead.
    Blue packs does not help player performance, only possession.

    There are ways to identify slump players if you pay attention to their morale bar. A player on slump lose morale very fast even if you don't field him. For recovery, the cheap way is to boost his morale bar to max, and bench him until his morale bar stop falling (which can take days or even weeks).

    Another obvious one is that a player on slump lose less condition per training.

    I repeat, the only way to quickly fix a bad form player is by powertraining using GREEN packs, NOT BLUE.

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    There is no such thing as a bad form player, or good form player for that matter, there is nothing in this game that's constant or makes sense, in comparison with the real world. One has to stop making the comparison to the real world and real football. It's just a cheap FB game, with a money making algorithm.
    In what world do you have to change out, practically your whole team every couple of seasons....? Where a player lasts only a few seasons, where teams can win with no KEEPER. I have mentioned many instances of idiotic game play in other posts, so ahm not going to do it again....we all know the absurdity of the game play.
    I continue to play this game because, it is kinda fun, and some bragging rights with my friends, which is also But that's IT....A wee bit of FUN....I spend NO money, never have....and never will, I get beat by weaker teams, get trolled, stupid crap happens, which it does all the time....Then, OH WELL....This game will NEVER be a decent manager game, because it's SOLE intention is to MAKE MONEY....If no-one ever spent any money, I'd like to see their reaction....It's not like you actually get anything from winning all the time, meaningless stats is all....So one spends money to win everything and get NOTHING in return....pointless....!!
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    After noticing loads of factors in this game and reading carefully all posts in forum I can say I noticed few important things.

    First of all I started observating the form of the players in each game.
    I have some DML that is performing from 6 to 5 in each game and unfortunatly he is my best player on this position. I had to put a 26 year old with 3 quality less that is performing from 7 to 8 on each game. After benching my original player more than 3 days I can see him again performing a 7 on each game.

    There is also another important factor for the performance that is the mentality of the team. I saw form dropping or raising on the change of mentality from a game to another. So my conclusion is that every player is different and it depends on how this player is formed to play.

    I try to play the same system in every game and just watch my player's activity during the game. Unfortunatly I must say that if a player is performing bad for a serie of games the only solution is to replace him, even if it's your top player.

    So the point is , like in real football, to have only the best 11 starting. That doesn't mean the best in quality but in form. I saw that the performance of the team is way better that way. And try not to change those players position.

    My latest experiment was with a player playing as DML and DMC. I compared him to another DC/DMC and saw that the DC/DMC was much heavier and when I switched them having my original DMC play at the other position he was assigned to play (as lighter player) as DML his form went from a regular 7 to 8-9 in each game. So I guess only by experimenting and observating mainly the form of your players in each position you can really have them performing to the MAX.
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    Hey my friends, don't overestimate the depth of this game so much. Random factor, results and numbers isn't so rare.
    Giving an example - today I was studying the games my opponent in Cup had so far.
    Let's see, a 6-0 and 0-4 ?

    Does ball possession even matter?-crazy-gk-rate-1.jpg

    Does ball possession even matter?-crazy-gk-rate-2.jpg

    Hey, why this GK had such good rates when I sold mine few seasons ago because he had continuously 5s (but my team didn't accepted goals) ?
    Is he in a great form ? Is he has high morale ? Is he highly motivated ?
    NO , he is just a ML

    Does ball possession even matter?-crazy-gk-rate-3.jpg

    The question is how much random is the random ...

    * but you know ? I love this game
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