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Thread: already bored ?

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    already bored ?

    I am still quite a newfie in the game but after 3 (not yet completed) seasons, frustration is slowly overcoming pleasure for me.
    I read this forum from time to time and I must say the wise veterans give opinions that are both very instructive and very sad. I could spend hours complaining about this and that but you would then say: just play something else! And rightly so.
    No, I prefer to focus on my MAIN center of frustration about this game. No, it is not Troll results (not that many for me - thank you), silly winning tactics (the fantastic 1-5-4 I faced yesterday - hmmm I must reconsider the troll paragraph), the ridiculous low level of games tied (is there an american in the place ? we need winners! but why give 3pts for victory then !), the silly avalanche of injuries suddenly hitting you the very day you have this league deciding game and after 2 weeks of perfect health, etc...
    No, my major source of anger is this Nordeus holly rule that my poor English would phrase: The better you get, the less you win.
    I admire people here with over 30 seasons who say they do not mind having won the cup only once or twice. Or even better, claim they like to have higher challenges to face every season.
    I am very different: I play this game - and all games in general - because I LOVE TO WIN and -would you guess - I hate losing. So I have patiently buildt a side which was getting better every day, spending tokens and cash wisely (I guess so) just to improve my chances of being unstoppable one day.
    Silly me. I just discovered that my costly tokens were spent just to help Nordeus finding tougher opponents for me, preventing me from ever winning the cup again (which I luckily did last year), getting insane leagues and so on. There are managers at level 5 with lower quality sides who fly over their leagues when I find it hard to get 4th at level 2.
    What is the point of that ? This is just unbearable to me.
    Am I the only one to feel like this on this planet ?

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    Well there are other players who have the same attitude as you so its possible to meet them.

    If you want to be the unstoppable i.e. the best, then you have to beat everyone. That way lies madness or a big hit to the wallet.

    If you only want to win everything then, for the league, you need to add teams of your level, on the same server, with lower quality than you as friends, and hope you can pull them into your league away from others. You can also go 'no same level same server' friends but you could get other high Q teams doing the same (like me last Season).

    In the Cup you'd need to lower your Q significantly, prior to the draw, and increase it after the draw to 1. reduce the higher levels you face and 2. reduce the amount the opponents can easily improve by.

    In the CL however, there is always the chance that you can meet a better team (if there is one) so the only way to load that particular dice is to be the best or perform better.

    Its much easier to try to be No 1 but accept the challenge of failure to try again next time. But...
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    I generally expect to compete in League and CL, the Cup is different, true, and the cause of many complaints.. but I do appreciate that they have it be different from CL to make it more interesting for a wider range of teams. I really think more average Quality sides have a good time in Cup.
    I've only ever had one League from hell of very close Quality, down to the 12th place. The CL is always varied when it comes to Q, and that's as it should be so long as everyone's one the same level. (no so much fun when they have to put someone from above or below in to even the draw, but I think they take Q into consideration for that.)

    I'm still playing, and my minor frustrations are still far outweighed by fun.

    Hahaha they're Serbian, not 'mericans... and I for one don't mind a match where no one loses, but yeah many here hate 'em.
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    I never had the slightest intention of beating every one. I just want to win leagues, CL and, from time to time, cup. As I said, level 5 do that with much lower quality teams than mine. Is this normal ?
    Thank you for the tricks anyway but they just add to my distress. I would have liked to play a realistic football manager game.
    This one is probably not for me. I thought I would have to keep my energy to get the best players before the others, improve them and find the best tactics. Not spending time to make friends (on a specific server !) that I could beat next year.

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    on the beach
    Man that's too much to read

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    Yes, everyone plays to win, no one likes losing, but the gravity of the impact of a loss varies for each. I get pissed for 2 hours, then move on. I've only won 2 league titles (S7 & 18) in 18 seasons with my main acc (numerous 2nd placed finish) 1 CL title in S8 (3 finals) and jst 1 Cup final in S1.

    My team is not great, but I take competing in the top 4 a good enough fun. Sometimes I go up against managers who on paper have weak squads but go unbeaten to win the league, but most times, I've lost to better teams & players, despite some annoying troll results.

    I think it is really time you re-evaluate your priorities in life. Play the game, don't make it your life.
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    Sorry for your bad feelings, because of non-proportional return.

    Everyone plays for winning. But we cannot take it too serious. We cannot forever win in a game when fellow opponents also like to win.

    Even if we pay, we still need to compete in order to win, or be successful. If we want proportional return for every dollar you spent, this game must not be an environment you enjoy. If we find a game that simply paying can ensure winning, we will not feel winning is valuable.

    It is fair that payers have advantage, but both paying and non-paying managers should have chance to win. In case, the first line in algorithm of matches is 'payor vs non-payor => payor win', I personally don't believe the game has fun.

    It is hard to swallow when some match results are hard to be explained. I also involved in a few discussions on specific examples in this forum. But I still don't think the game is largely unfair in general.

    BTW, many people complains about Cup. But it is natural that there is less people feeling successful in Cup because there are more teams to compete for 1 Cup title (chance is 1/128 or 0.78%), and one half of the managers were knocked out after only participating 2 matches before knocking out. In contrast, all teams participating CL play at least 6 group stage matches.
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    If you establish successful young players and keep them from season to season, your chances of winning go way up.

    If you're having to replace most of your team each season, you're likely going to struggle and perform worse than you expect.

    I've only won 1 cup, and got 2 troll results in my favor vs the same team. I played a team that was 10 quality points higher, his whole team was 7 or 8 stars to me, played the 2nd leg without my 7 star MC, and beat him both matches 2-1. How do you think that guy feels?
    I have to remind myself that the Triple Crown banner is lit up on my trophy case largely because of that when I get angry or frustrated at the silly results. Some great managers from my FB group who have been playing a lot longer than I have and know much more than me do not have any cup wins.

    At season 9, I have several players who have been on my team since season 6 or earlier. Establish this base of reliable players that can improve quickly, and that's your best chance to win cup without intentionally weakening your team.
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