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Thread: Oscar awards 2015. And the winner is ...

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    Oscar awards 2015. And the winner is ...

    Last night we had the Oscar awards and in top 11 we are in the middle of the season, so let's give some awards.

    And the Oscar of best performance goes to
    my ST, Neymar, top scorer of the team, top scorer in my league, second in the rates list.

    Oscar awards 2015. And the winner is ...-oscar-1-neymar.jpg

    and the Golden raspberry (the anti-Oscar)

    Oscar awards 2015. And the winner is ...-oscar-2-careca.jpg

    goes to my other ST Careca, with zero goals in 7 games.
    Now I have to learn him the basics.

    Your awards ?
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    my Oscar goes to the silent movie that is, The Developer`s

    my Raspberry Oscar goes too the Plonker that came up with Auto assign of skill points
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    And winner is Nordeus For gaining too much money from tokens' buyer without making the game better .
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    Well my ST (Denis Law) is top of the goals chart and 3rd in MVP - those 1 game wonders My Right Winger (Willie Henderson) is 3rd in the goals chart, top of the assists but has the most Man of the Match awards (8) in my team. So it would be between them for the Oscar.

    But I'd prefer to go with the People's Choice Award and give it to my DC/DMC (Alan Hansen) - its him who always seems to save the day in those critical moments in spite of playing while tired in the last few games.
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    In my case after comparing my ST with my AML I was amazed by the stats and ratings of the AML.

    His name : John Eivind Hoie
    His stats so far after 2 weeks almost : 16 goals, 11 assists, 23 games, 5 times MOM, no yellows, no reds.

    Oscar awards 2015. And the winner is ...-john-eivind-hoie.jpg

    Had already 2 offers for him, of course rejected at first glance...
    His ratings mostly 8 and 9 with a few 7.
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    statistics amazing, how to get it
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    Quote Originally Posted by huyenham View Post
    statistics amazing, how to get it
    I get all players with 7 and above rates in every game. Have been studying a lot about how to get good rates in every game, but that needs a lot of observation in every game.

    As soon as I see a 6 rate in one of my player I do the proper management to have them again at a 7-8. I recently started a tutorial guide in the forum with my experience that might help some players get better from game to game. Still haven't accomplished the perfect shape of all players but currently having 18/20 of my players with rates of 7 and above in every game.

    I don't agree with some of the managers saying that this is just random, speaking from my own experience. But, remember that all teams have a low pick at some stage of the season which have to be dealt properly to avoid bad results.