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Thread: Stingy token offers

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    Stingy token offers

    Is it just me, my server or is T11 stingy with tokens this season? I can usually farm a lot, but this season, I am not able to do much.
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    Its still possible to farm tokens, but it has got harder to do this season.

    I think I've managed to farm around 500 since the start of this season in total. It does look like Nordeus are tightening it all up though and I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few months farming for tokens becomes a things of the past. I think the next logical step from them looks like they will remove the "watch videos for tokens" offers and probably replace it with "watch video for packs" instead.

    I'd advice those that can farm to do as much as time can allow now and to try and save as many tokens as possible for later as I do think the good farming days are now behind us. Time to store for the future while we can.

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    Supply will diminish. Of course you will have less to farm after you've farmed all. Unless a new sponsor comes in.

    Nordeus makes as much money from these advertisers as they do from selling tokens, it'll never be removed unless no one comes in to advertise.
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