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Thread: Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, Captain and Penalties

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    Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, Captain and Penalties

    Who should we chose for each categorie ?

    _For the Free Kicks, if I don't have any player with the Free Kick special ability, should I chose the player with the best attacking skills ?

    _Same with Corner Kicks and Penalties ?

    _Who should I chose as a captain ? The oldest player or the best player ?

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    An MC or a striker always works well for me

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    Don't look at the abilities.
    When a season start, you have to do friendlies, and select 1 for corners, and 1 for fouls.
    Prove the GK or a defense in fouls cos many times works. For corners the same, prove the defenders because you can have a surprise.
    1 man for fouls, and 1 per corners, in both places, the same, left and right.

    Captain the better player in activity terms, a player that contributes to the victories and is active in the comments and effective.

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    Start with those who have good relevant abilities but test them. Keep going until you are happy. Then keep watching them and change as necessary.

    For Captain you want a 'performer' - your favourite player is usually the man to start with (unless your favouritism is misplaced) but you want your Captain to be the guy who is effective and makes an impact regularly. (I also like him to have good creative attribute but who knows).

    There's no blue print - some players are just good at some things regardless of stars or Q but be careful because changing those players too much can break them.