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Thread: People bidding for players in Round 1 who didnt "qualify"?

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    People bidding for players in Round 1 who didnt "qualify"?

    Bit of a strange one but wondered if anyone else had had this happen / know a fix?

    so im watching a player on the transfer market. it goes down to 1 minute and only 1 person has bid. So i bid too.

    the timer goes down to 0 and theres still only 2 of us bid on the player

    now its a bid for round 1

    I bid

    then 2 other people who I couldnt see on the qualifying round bid?

    seems like theyre getting a bid for free as their first bid the a round 1 bid?

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    Probably a bit of lag and the new 2 bidders are the ones who bid at the last second. That's all I can conjure.
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