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Thread: Morale of players

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    Morale of players

    I remember someone said here before that if we increase a player's morale which is increasing, the player will perform worse. Is that true?
    E.g., you saw a player with "light green" morale only, and increase his morale to "dark green" -> will the player perform worse?
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    Generally, it is difficult to notice a player gaining morale after a match.

    But if a player is getting great form (8+) you'd better not do anything to his morale bar.

    From my experience, although morale boost cannot really fix a bad form player (as compared to green pack supplement and extra training significantly boost performance), boosting morale can destroy a player in perfectly good form if you are careless.

    It is a thing you won't easily notice until you can keep a full team of 7+ rating in almost every match, which itself is a testament in managing skills.