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Thread: How good are you at this game??

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    I'm on level 28 now.

    From my 27 full seasons -

    22 League wins, 3 League runners up (Finished 3rd and 4th in the other two seasons)
    12 Champions League wins, 4 runners up
    3 Cup wins, 1 runner up.

    I've never spent a single penny on this game. Promoted every season and constantly do very well in the league. Only the cup seems to be a wash out for me. In fairness I did farm tokens like mad, so don't stick to a 35 Token limit, but at the same time, for a team that I have never spent a penny on (I did get tokens for opening a couple of betting accounts - but I was opening them anyway, so the referral was an added bonus) I'm pretty pleased with that.

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    Thanks for the answer, it's really complete!

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    Why did you bother to include a seconds timer in all the 'how much time...' questions? No one will play it for 20 minutes and 15 seconds exactly

    Also, some of the questions I had no idea about, like the one about how much better will you be if you buy tokens; I've never bought any and never will, so I honestly don't know I'm assuming it'll greatly improve your performance, but of course it'll also depend highly on how many you buy - doing the cheapest deal once won't actually get you too far..

    * "What was it called" instead of "How is it called" on the question about a previous game that we might have played

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