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Thread: Champions League dilemma (yellow cards)

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    Champions League dilemma (yellow cards)

    In 3 hours I play the 2nd leg of the CL semi final. The first leg was a 3-3 road draw that was somewhat of a troll result given that I was up 3-0 at the half and the opp is almost exactly 1* below me on avg, starting 11 avg gap is much larger.

    The dilemma is that while I am confident going home against a lesser opp I have a whopping 6! starters who are one card away from being suspended for the final (should I make it of course). All six of those in question are 7* players and all but one has been consistently good this season. Not a single one of my bench players are better than 6* and mostly just shy of 6*. Luckily neither of my star ST's are among them but the group includes three 20+ goal scorers and both of my CB's.

    So how would you guys approach the situation. All I need is a low scoring draw (2-2 or less) to advance on road goals. I really need to be at full strength for the final as this would be my 3rd straight trip but I lost the first 2. It is the only trophy i have yet to win.

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    Can you post a picture of your squad?

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    Protect the players with yellow cards (but keep them in your subs).
    Watch the match how is it going (ball possession, shots and comments) and if it's not going well, then use some of them.
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    Use just 3-4 of them in the starting eleven. Substitute them if you are comfortably ahead or use more if you need to score
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    I always talk about the strategy with the yellow cards in SF rounds... in your case is complicted... because you have to win and a troll result can appear in your case.
    In a case like your, the 1st is the 1st and the 1s is win the round, so, by my viewpoint in your situation:
    1- or I put all players under the field and when I see that the result is sure, then I do subs' to protect. Then if I loose 1 it doesnt matter.
    2- or I put some of ma players with yellow card, maybe I select as subs' some defender, if I have another with guarantee to play the same position. Maybe in this case or, I protect my better player, and he play only if needed, or, the better player play till I have the result.

    LOL... you played so, hope all went ok.


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    I'm assuming the match has already been played. Hopefully it went well.

    Personally, I'd play all of them this game! Yes, it'll suck if one gets carded and has to miss the final, but you have to survive today to reach the final. Nothing worse than overlooking an opponent, and it sneaks up on you. Considering this team is still within striking distance of pulling out the upset, i'd be extremely cautious about putting out the "B" team.

    If you go up by a insurmountable margin, then start pulling them out.
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    Priority is get yourself in the final, Whats the point of keeping yellow carded players out if you believe your place in the final is at risk?

    One of my regular rivals did this quite sometime ago and paid the price of losing the 2nd leg.
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    I did see the comments before the game started and appreciate the input.

    I set out 3 of the 6 who had the weakest run of form recently.

    My thinking was that I was already trolled once by this team and it is very rare that the same team gets me twice unless they are superior to mine. As I said the first leg I had a 3-0 halftime lead and drew 3-3.

    I was nervous at the half up 2-0 but I stuck to my game plan, also exploited their weakness out wide.

    Finally in the last 13 mins Olympique Rouen broke through with a 3 goal flurry to finish 5-0 and 8-3 on agg.

    Now it is on to the 3rd straight CL finals appearance for OR. Having two heartbreaking losses previously this match is of enormous import to the club. Our finals opp is about the same quality as the semi finals. Obviously have to be on guard for the troll result again but the team is on a good run of form since that 3-3 draw having outscored the 4 opponents 27-0 since then.

    Also the good news is that all of my players will be available for the finals (Though the RB might have lost his job after having a rough season and the new signing winning MoM in his debut).

    CM Segreste did pick up a 4 day injury in training but will be given the red packs needed to get him fit before game time.