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    I lead my league with 5p before today's game. I have only let in 8 goals (3 of them in the same game). I was about to play one of the worst teams in the league with really bad form and bad players.
    He used 4-4-2 so I used a 4-1-2-2-1 to counter that. I have done this in every game this season against 4-4-2 and usually won big.

    But in this game, I dominated possession and yet the other team massacred me. He won 4-1 and the only times his team attacked (according to commentary) they scored. One of the goal was a 30m screamer.
    My team on the other hand had 16 shots - but only a massive 3 (three!) hit the target. Whenever I countered-attacked, my players missed open goal. On one counter-attack I got a cross in and the infamous "X dives in!" which usually means a goal. Instead, my attacker - best in the league - didn't even hit the goal but headed far above it.

    I think that Nordeus riggs games like these so that the league will be tighter and make you want to buy tokens to make your team better for the league ending. No way in hell would a team like Barcelona lose 4-1 to Southampton and have 13 of their 16 shots not even hit the goal. It is things like these that makes me stop playing this game.

    Here is a screenshot from when it was 3-1 to the opposition and I changed the tactics to see if things would change (they didn't).[Redacted]-fuck-you-nordeus.jpg

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    People are free to discuss match results, but only as long as they are civil. Throwing around insults will get you nowhere.