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Thread: What the heck are Top 11 admins trafficking???

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    What the heck are Top 11 admins trafficking???

    The title says everything !!!

    I had a match for the cup and my team was one player short from the very start .... the player has the place ST and 5stared.....

    What the heck are Top 11 admins trafficking???-2.jpg

    And I am wondering if the result would have been different having in mind that from minute 36 of the game the rival team was with 10 players (without any goals yet) ....

    What the heck are Top 11 admins trafficking???-3.jpg

    As you will see here, my player is still part of the team but after the match (Alvarez / ST / 5 star / on the first 11 and not as replacement)

    What the heck are Top 11 admins trafficking???-4.jpg

    Therefore, I intend by this post to have a responsible reply of what the heck happened and what the admins are cooking - hoping that this post will not be deleted.

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    If you are talking about your ST Alvarez, are you sure that he was eligible to play in the cup and not suspended due to yellow cards? In that occasion , the game automatically replaces him with another player (Saleh).
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    hey "patrida", hi
    yes, Blok45 is right. he must had problem with cards, that's why he didn't participate in the game.
    As about the result, happening sometimes in t11 (it's a kind of bug/troll/reaction of the game).
    If oppo playing with 10 players after a suspension, the team power ups and can win the game if none manager is watching.
    Two questions
    Why you have blue arrows in your attackers ?
    Did you play 15 seasons or did you take this team from the beginning ? (you have very few sources )
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    I will baptize this situation as the "Bug of the Khris the Red" LOL because I was during months talking about these situations of 1 red 2 gaosl that score with 10 men LOL

    Take care managers if you play with 11, Khris the red can troll you all :3

    PS: I have te right to baptize this situation as I was the 1st to do a special mention about this situation of 1 men (-) and 2 goals that score LOL

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    I guess that this was the 2nd of the two matches on the same day while you could not attend. Alvarez was available for the first match when you might prepare before those two matches. He was unavailable for 2nd match (due to suspension in that competition) and was replaced by Saleh. After the matches, Alvarez & Saleh played 1 match only and condition was dropped to light green zone, while the conditions of players who played 2 matches were dropped to the yellow zone except the goalkeeper.
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    Nordeus probably have coded the chance of super-hero 10 men getting the job done - would be hard to replicate that fight/determination otherwise. But its the exception rather than the rule - most of the time they are weaker with 10 or 9 (not played against or with yet an 8 yet >.<).

    regarding the OP's point its just the inelligible/replacement mechanic at work