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Thread: Finance - am I off to a good start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    Sounds like you're going the way I do, buy youngsters and train & keep them as long as you can. In a level or two your facility will start producing Youths, the ones that cost Tokens tend to be fast trainers (and don't cost $$) and I usually go for them if they are an upgrade for who they are replacing.

    Even on my 35T team I try to buy the expensive youths from the TL for key positions, in the long run it saves me T.
    Nice to see that a BVB fan and a Bayern fan agree on management philosophy

    I definitely have the impression that shelling out only for the guys who have the potential to stay around for several seasons is right. I haven't been in the game for long, but I am convinced that someone who does otherwise runs out of tokens and cash to get a few more trophies in the short term.
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    only thing i rush is too earn green or red packs the rest i just build normally and if i know i`m getting promoted will build new stadium about half way ( just before ) season so i work how long for stadium building time so it`s ready last day/1st day of new season
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    It is easiest to earn income at level 14~15, before player market value is capped. After that, increased wage take over and you will be unable to raise much money from training young players. At the lower levels, young players generate net profit thanks to increased market value duing the time he play and train in your team.

    Unless you play the game for over a year and reach level 20 beyond, income is easy to come by and you can max out all buildings rather easily.
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    It's good that you are aware of financial issue in early stage. You are far too early to worry but preparation is always good.

    My suggestions are similar. Build any facilities non-stop and buy younger players if possible.

    I used to occasionally stopped building stadium because at that time I thought the ticket sales proceed was low, and I tended to use cash on buying high quality players as the auction market in those season was suddenly very very easy. In fact, for maintaining long term financial health of the team, building facilities should be in top priority.

    Besides fast growing, advantage of buying young players is prominent increase in market value with time (for low levels).
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    I'm interested to know who thinks paying a win bonus is a good idea.

    At level 29 I've never used it and can't say I have ever felt like I have been handicapped in my attempts to win games because of it.

    With money becoming tight at the higher levels I would say if you have never given a win bonus, then to continue to never give it would be the best thing as its just wasting money as far as I can tell.
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    I think the bonus should only be used if you think your team might not win without the extra motivation...
    mostly I use it in Cup, and honestly it seems only a minor difference for my team.

    My 35T team I never set a bonus and they seem to do pretty well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmunger View Post
    My best guess is "it depends on how you manage".

    I'm looking at a potential Champions League semi opponent, also at level 2, who has done this:

    - His team has a quality average that is almost 5 points ahead of mine (!)
    - His budget is 317k
    - His average age is 28 (!)

    If he wins a treble, he may have less than two millions in the bank at the end of the season and my current results guarantee I will have more than double that. And he will surely have to spend more to remain competitive, while I have young, faster trainers on board.

    If you are copying his method... I am not sure your approach is good. I'd rather save some for the future.
    I think you're right!
    My average age is 22.8 at the moment
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