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Thread: Special Abilities

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    Imo, make sure any player you train an SA on is at least half decent at the skill you want to use: a guy thats crap at FKs will be slightly better than crap with the SA. For other less specific ones they also need to be getting the opportunity to use the SA, if a winger isn't shooting from distance then Shadow Striker won't do anything because an SA only gives an effect when the event to trigger it occurs - no events means no effect - it will not, as I understand it, encourage him to shoot from distance.

    I took a not very good CK taker (who sometimes took CKs) and added CK SA (and gave him sole responsibility). He was still a not very good CK taker and his overall ratings suffered. I'd imagine doing more of the stuff he didn't do well had an bigger negative impact. I removed him from CK duties and his ratings recovered (or rather were not negatively impacted).

    I have another MC thats very good at CKs and would probably be better with the CK SA but as he only takes them from 1 side I don't consider it necessary.

    Just because you have a fast trainer doesn't mean you should train an SA.

    Don't try to polish a turd.

    PS. As far as I understand it the Nordgens with untrainable SAs are anomalies. A Striker with Aerial Defense will not get many opportunities to benefit from a skill that is triggered by heading in a defensive position - it won't break him though. Other ones can have a use if the get into a situation often enough to utilise it.
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    you don't need players with special abilities to win thw champion. it's not necessary..!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laftan Anla View Post
    I have 2 questions about training of Special Abilities,

    1. Does SA Training add value to the player economically?
    2. Does player's training rate decrease after SA Training?
    Others have answered #2, for #1 I'll talk about PERCEPTION only...

    While SA Training doesn't add "value" to a player it definitely increases the price you can sell a player for. Same with position eligibility. Try selling a Striker with AMC eligibility - it's almost an automatic that there will be a bidding war. Certain SA Training is much more attractive than others too. Wall for defenders is much less attractive than aerial ability for example. Generally: Dribbler, Shadow Striker, One on One, One on One Stopper > Penalty Taker, Corner Taker, Penalty Stopper. It makes sense that PERCEPTION would translate this way based on how often those SA's are called upon in a game.

    Same goes with wide position eligibility, i.e. for a base DL player, DL/DC is generally more attractive to buyers than DL/DML.

    Spend one token to change the name, nationality and number of the player to a famous up and coming player that is universally known. That will also greatly increase the sales price without changing the "value" of the player.
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