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Thread: Season 67 - Week 4

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    I refuse to buy scouts anymore as I don't think they are worth it
    thanks for the info pal.
    Actually that's why I was asking.
    If a manager needs a quick "enforce" for his team, with a high q player and he can do good farming,then he can have a good scout/list in two days while a nordgen with the same characteristics of a scouter (6*, near to 7*, with sa) needs (about) sources of 3 days farming.
    Ok, I know that a nordgen can last for a couple of years more.

    Of course I know that your playing with your own style that game, it's just a "wiki" question
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    Thru in cup 4-0 agg
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    5th in the league now, 3 points behind 4th after beating 4th 5-0.

    ST Le Guen is top of the assists chart and AMR Gozalbo is 4th in goal scoring charts. Getting right back on track now.

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    So I come bearing news of great sadness. Now is your time to grieve with me. The Icing to the top of the cake, the omega of all things in football, has gone for another season. My shot at my first treble has come to an agonising end.
    So I came into the home leg 2-2, he'd changed to a 3W-5V-2 formation, so I said screw it and changed to a 4-5V-1. Why? Because yolo.
    I played for the 0-0 or 1-1 draw. He got a fortunate goal (always seems to be the case these days)

    He scored an early goal in the 16th. Long shot out of nowhere, but after than my team settled down and set into their work, with my DC and Captain going on a solo run through the middle to draw level on the 35th min. Just as my team was starting to dominate, disaster strikes.
    The internet crashes! And this was horrible timing. I'd had a league match 3 hours earlier so my guys were already on average condition. So I'd planned to do swap out 3 of them on the 40 min. When I come back I discover I've lost, he scored a late goal to make it 1-2. My players were walking wounded, their condition shocking at the end of the match, and I picked up 2 injures to compound matters.

    Bitterly disappointed. I dominated the away leg, and the home leg was a tight affair. but Nordgen decided it wasn't time for the Triple just yet.
    Season 67 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-06-18-8.34.01-am.jpg
    Season 67 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-06-18-8.37.27-am.jpg

    I shall now go cry myself to sleep

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    Beloved Diary,
    Today Port vale FC and Bayern won again.
    Good night.


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    League: We suffered a setback in our quest for the triple crown, drawing 2:2 against 6th and falling 2 points behind 1st. This marks the 3rd consecutive day that 1st has shown up to cheer against me; maybe its time to return the favor?

    Champions: Play an hour after daily reset. Opponents sits in 10th in his league but has a solid run of form and all starters are either 5 or 6*. 10th in league would be far less scary is it didn't appear Nordeus was basing league draws based upon quality.

    Cup: Won 4:0, easing into the semi-finals, where we'll face an active higher level manager. The other half of the bracket is home to an LP-Cry squad which is also vying for a triple crown. It's a hybrid 6/7* narrow diamond and are 16-0-0 in league play. At least the high Q players are scout-list acquisitons and not power trained, but they're still an extremely dangerous team.

    We also picked up an injury to another 7* MC during todays cup match. That means I have two 7* MC's currently injured. I have the red packs to bring them back, but NORDEUS THIS IS GETTING RIDICIOULOUS!!!!

    EDIT: Champion leagues match (11:17 PM EST) resulted in a 4:1 road win. Also, another injury to my 7* MC which I just healed up for this match. 6 days knee cartilage tear too. Getting rather peeved about the injuries! Might not bother having a 7* player ever again if this keeps up!
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    Out of cup, top in league, not too happy about it but making paper and on a good run atm.

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    Had a away league match against 10th tonight (Don't let his placing fool you), and it was a pretty scrappy affair. Dominated possession and shots on goal, but was struggling to find the net, however my star AMC IN HIS 200TH GAME scored 3 stunning goals, all mid-long range. Final score was 3-0, and so my 5 point lead at the top is cemented.

    This guy will go down as a club legend. He is only the 2nd Blackkiwi to 200 caps, after his current captain who is now nearing 250.

    Season 67 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-06-18-7.30.53-pm.jpg

    He's had another solid season, I always wanted to get his Goal to Game ratio to 1, but I fear it's too late now. It's a shame I picked him up as an 19yr old. Imagine the player he could have been if I had him as an 18yr old

    He's on track for another season triple double (10+ goals, assists and MoM). I had to have a basketball reference in protest against the warriors beating the cavs and LeBron not getting Finals MVP.

    p.s I view him as a lucky charm in the CL. In 5 seasons he's only lost 1 game out of 60 games in the CL. 4 trophies and on track for a 5th!
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    "One day, in the not too distant future, something amazing will happen. Not just amazing, but spectacular!
    And when this day happens, I will retire, and the world will celebrate long into the night" - Blackkiwi Manager speaking about his elusive Triple.

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    Maxi United Update:

    Excellent league match against the table leader: Funck played like the superstar he is.

    Season 67 - Week 4-league-nr1.jpg

    Season 67 - Week 4-formation.jpg
    Season 67 - Week 4-league2.jpg

    Season 67 - Week 4-league3.png
    Season 67 - Week 4-rating.jpg

    Season 67 - Week 4-table.jpg

    Season 67 - Week 4-funck.jpg
    Season 67 - Week 4-tops.jpg
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    Yesterday: Buffs FC progress in the Cup with a 4-1 home win. After a couple of sub-standard performances Jack *Champagne* Harper bags a double and his 15th MoM (and an appointment for a liver check).

    CL: The Buffs record an emphatic 4-0 away win. Harper pushes his goal tally to 38 with a hat-trick but no Bubbly. Jim Baxter confirms his off-Season booking for 'Strictly' as he danced down the left, choreographing the play and waltzing off with a goal and assist for MoM.

    Steve Nicol carves notch number 351 on his dressing room bench position which, now sufficiently weakened, collapses leaving him in a heap. #brawnnobrain

    Henderson picks up his second suspension for the return tie and Charlie Mulgrew will miss the next league match.

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