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Thread: why ppl "hate" AMR-AMC-AML and calling them waist of time ?

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    why ppl "hate" AMR-AMC-AML and calling them waist of time ?

    Why ppl hate Aml-AMR-AMC and calling them waist of time ?? i don't understand why is so bad 2 use them....

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    It's not so bad or even bad ... I see them more important than the St in many cases.

    Who said that they are useless ?!

    In many season for me : they scored 70% from the overall goals scored

    and in normal they score 50 % from my goals.

    They are always have a place in my team ... see my team squad you will find that I have 4 from them 2 playing in the main squad and 2 as sups .

    here is my team

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    This mainly depends on your playing style, The use AML/AMC/AMR can be very important when attacking your opponents when you choose to adopt 1 striker mostly, such as 4-5-1 V, 3-5-2 V, 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-2-1 Xmas Tree and some times can be used with 2 strikers 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow or Wide Diamond. These formations are important for the use of Attacking Midfielders and are best used in these situations. Attacking Midfielders get into space in teams that do not play with any Defensive Midfielders and pose a good attacking threat.
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