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Thread: Order have relating with arrows ??

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    Order have relating with arrows ??

    If i play defensive and i put red arrow (forward) to all players . what will happen ? they will attack and DCs will defence more or all players will go forward and play defense as gareth bale etc , or i play more attacking and i put blue arrow to players . . and what is mixed in orders? is this right if i put red arrow to all st-mc-am but defenders playing normal without arrows ?. opponent team will control middle of the stadium?, and i saw many defenders when i bought them i. before i saw managers put one on one stopped (gk special ability) . what is point of that. they think defenders will catch the ball before stopping it ? i think its going to be top eleven be a handball manager, but i dont know how DCs got Goalkeeper SA .weird . thanks

    hope some one answer
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    I play attacking and 8 red arrows, that means no defenses? no... simply more players focused in attack but when I have to defend the game have to select somebody to defend, mostly, the 2 players that have blue arrow but too MC's or others...

    I always say that in this game all affect just in some little %, but not decisive, all are little things that one + one + one do a result.

    In your case, and is not a exact-science, "probably" you will have more stability in defense and less chances in attack will appear during the mach, and punctual attacks in wich the game will select between more players coz u have lots of reds, always depending of how are the players this day LOL -.........but all depend of who you face...

    LOL really is very difficult to explain because noboody know exaclty how it works, red arrow means no thinking in defense? no. inverse exists? no. all is increase chances in some sense, what sense? exactly nobody know, I just know that if something don't work, change.

    Yea, Ive said nothing.

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    Players have 2 main attribute groups to choose from: Attacking and Defensive. At any moment in time a player can use 1 or the other.

    When you play Normal with no arrows all the players have a balanced state (subject to their position ofc). Choose defensive mentailty and all players are a bit more defensive, playing slightly deeper on average. Choose Attacking Mentality and all players become a bit more attacking, trying to play a bit higher up the pitch.

    Arrows do this at a player level. Red makes that player choose attacking more and get forward a bit more, blue the opposite.

    As Khris says, all little graduations, little increases 1 way or the other.