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Thread: Buying good players?? - what's my mistake??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendrix View Post
    Ok, lets try to explain LOL always a complicated labour..

    You have really a good "base" mate, the numbers are here, you have what I consideer a key player, with 23 goals and 17 assistances, and Murray + Oliveira are the 2nd key players.
    I see this called Yimthong that maybe is a ST and can be in the usual squad, not as sub... MoM in the defense and Puyol had a 9, the only that have to go home is Fretes for what I see...

    You have a good team taking a look to this... so I don't now what you mean when you say that "don't perform as you want"... LOL

    PS: put some arrows^^

    Buying good players?? - what's my mistake??-lobo_wall_street_att_16012014_2-b.jpg

    Explain me better the problem because I don't see it looking these numbers, all seems ok...LOL

    Edit2: LOL

    I will keep writting, as I gonna drink milk with chocolate, and will explain what I always explain but in another sense.

    Do you remember FC Barcelona strategy when they bought Ronaldinho? the idea was to create a team arround this player. Now Barcelona is doing exactly the same, with Messi, same strategy.

    When I say that a team have to have a key player I talk about this idea, because you don't need a full squad of super players to win matches. Just players doing a contribuiton to the team, maybe not every match, maye be the MC's will do a interecting contribution 50% times but is OK.

    Then is important as always do the basic work like do tests/friendlies and see the better man for corners/fouls. yesterday I faced the 3rd, 2 fouls in the 1st half, 2 goals. I always see a player that is better in this labour. Only 1 for corners, and 1 for fouls.

    And then, after the "construction team" work, the basic work with friendlies, attend and do the correct sub's is too basic, as every game is played in one "scenario" that makes you work and decide as a manager in some cases.

    ....I will return LOL
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