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    I'm level 3, what's a good price to charge for tickets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tina Seeley View Post
    I'm level 3, what's a good price to charge for tickets?
    You want to find the balance between stadium attendance and price of ticket to maximise your income. It's more or less a guess and check.
    For example just say your stadium capacity is 10,000 people. If it is full at $5 per ticket then thats $50,000 worth of ticket income. However if at $6 it only has 9000 people then your income is $50,400. In this case, if you want to maximise your income, you go for the $6 price. Stadium attendance increases in proportion to your teams success. So you may find if you start the season bad, then your ticket price might have to be lowered. If you improve however, attendance may increase a lot and so you can afford to increase your price. Also your possession bonus can be affected. But if you have the right tactics this doesn't matter.

    To sum up, guess and check what prices suit your team and your stadiums capacity. But around $6 should work!
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    charge 6 to max your attendance