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Thread: Friendlies - Top11 Ethics

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    I think 0. Honestly from my own experience I noticed that a player or a team can play amazing in a competition and very bad in another one and I had this issue so many times. Everything depends on their form and I don't think that player/team form from league/friendly games can affect his form in CL for exemple.
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    I also noticed that a bad performer can play good in a friendly and return to bad rates again in the official games.
    Also the calculation of a friendly, is different from an official match, so if you have friend invitation from rivals, don't be afraid if they organize a game vs your team and "learn" your secrets
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    Well... For the 2nd year in a row I have been knocked out in the cup!! Already! Didnt even get to the first round again!
    Friendlies mean nothing in respect of form.

    Really apart from my second season where I have won the cup, it's just been a waste of time.

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